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About Us

Welcome to the Harvik Speech and Hearing Clinic. The Clinic provides Rehabilitation services for speech and hearing problems, which includes Diagnostic Hearing tests, Dispensing of state of the art latest and smallest Digital hearing aids, In-house Earmold and Shell making lab, Speech therapy for all types of speech and language disorders. The clinic was stared in 1997 by Ashutosh Arora (Audiologist), EX-AIIMS. We have always believed in the policy of being truthful to our clients. The satisfaction of a happy client is above and beyond any other achievement for us. Our goal is to provide people with the happiness of listening to their family and friends. Children with joy of listening to their toys and elderly with amazement of hearing their grandchildren say their names.

Our Mission

To always remain the hearing aid provider with the best customer service.To focus on you, the hearing aid wearer. To be dedicated in providing the absolute best service and most friendly environment possible. This results in happier hearing aid users.

At the foundation of Harvik Hearing Aid Clinic are the following values:

Integrity – To provide hearing healthcare in a most honest and honourable way.

Quality – To provide the most advanced technology available to the user.

Affordability – To provide hearing aids at very competitive prices.

Service – To strive to provide the fastest and most convenient service.

We Offer The Smallest And The Latest Hearing Aids